Boyle Celtic Draw Results

Results from Boyle Celtic Draw Saturday 31st October

1st Prize 500 litres home heating oil- Angela Connolly

2nd Prize  Trailer of turf -Brian McCrann

3rd Prize Chainsaw –Paudie O’Sullivan

4th Prize 20kg Ecobrite –Heather Kerins

5th Prize 10 bags coal – Paddy Dunne

6th 10 bags cosy glo – Ger Garvin

7th Car service – Johnny Beirne

8th 2 cyclinders gas – Myles Quinn




1st  – Angela Connolly
2nd – Brian McCrann
3rd – Paudie O Sullivan
4th – Heather Kerins
5th – Paddy Dunne
6th – Ger Garvin
7th – Johnny Beirne
8th – Myles Quinn

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