Boyle Christmas lights update

Resulting from the wonderful support we received for the Bright Sparks Quiz on Last Good Friday night, we have decided to undertake the project of replacing all our Christmas lights which is well overdue with all new LED lights and Christmas feature pieces for this Christmas with the switch on scheduled for December 6th next.

This as you can imagine is a major project which will require a substantial capital investment.  We hope to finance this project by running two annual fundraising events, namely the Good Friday Quiz and a Raffle at Christmas.

All Businesses will be asked to sell Raffle Card lines.   We are appealing now to any business who would like to be synonymous with this town venture to donate a prize for the Draw. If you want to donate a prize please let us know by Monday 13th Oct.   The more prizes, the better sales and the easier the fundraising task!!

While we may not be quite ready to embrace Christmas yet, the planning with Boyle TM has started, please assist and support in any way possible as many hands make lights and light work!

A brief meeting will be held 15th Oct at 8pm in Boyle Enterprise Centre to advise all of further updates.

If you wish to call any of us in relation to draw and / or donating prizes please do and call Una Bhan on 071 9663033 in relation to Moone Boy Fest.

On behalf of Boyle TM – working together for Boyle.


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