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The Boyle’d Pot 20/1/’16

Water rescue equipment in Boyle

Here in Boyle it is good to know that we are blessed with a top class Fire and Rescue service. The lads on Boyle fire brigade are on call 24 hours a day, seven days per week in the event of a fire, car crash or rescue scenario. In recent weeks the crew were tasked with attending a tragic drowning in the Boyle river and a few years back were involved in the rescue of a couple whose car went into the river at Boyle bridge to name but a few water related incidents. While thankfully we do not have many water rescues in this area, these call outs highlight the need for our fire and rescue service to have adequate equipment to deal with such emergencies. One item that is not part of the local crews equipment is a RIB or rigid inflatable boat. Considering our proximity to Lough Key, Lough Arrow, Lough Gara and the Boyle River, it may be a very important piece of equipment at some point in the future. Local fundraising from the generous community in which we live would have the boat purchased in a very short period of time were it deemed appropriate.


Use it or lose it

The weekly poll here on is always a good barometer of local feeling. This week’s poll asks the question “Do you use the Bus Eireann service to and from Boyle?”. Amazingly, so far 56% said no, they do not use the service. Perhaps this gives an indication then why Bus Eireann may cut the frequency or indeed the service in total. The old saying “use it or lose it” comes to mind and if we do not use the local services (and businesses) here in Boyle, there is no point crying when they are gone.


Local Museums For Boyle

The statement by Minister Naughten on news section on Tuesday last that he is working towards bringing artefacts of national importance back to the town is to be welcomed. While the Minister specifically referred to King House, a refurbished Boyle Courthouse would make an ideal additional location for a local museum. Work is presently apace on getting the main room of the historic building ready for a summer opening of the model railway. Were funding available, there is still plenty of room in the remainder of the Courthouse to house a museum for the many swords, crosses and items of historic significance found around Lough Key and Boyle Abbey over the years.


Boyle Celtic are on a role

Our local senior soccer team are on a role at present. Last Sunday they defeated Ballina Town on penalties to reach the last 16 of the FAI Junior Cup and yesterday, ace goalkeeper Kyle Suffin was named the Junior Soccer Portal player of the week. The team were drawn last night against Dublin side VEC FC  for their next game, which will be played at Celtic Park on Sunday 5th February at 2pm. The progress of Boyle Celtic and the club in general is to be commended. One only has to head down the old Sligo Road any Saturday morning or weekday evening to see the many young soccer hopefuls in training. Having players now progressing in this prestigious competition will set the bar that bit higher for the youngsters who someday would hope to be like the senior lads, playing among the top 16 in Ireland in a major competition. Remember you can see highlights of last week’s game on eir sport this Sunday commencing at 13.35. Separately but still connected to the competition, it was heartening to see a tweet from Boyle GAA to Boyle Celtic in advance of last Sunday’s game which read ” All the best to @BoyleCelticFC on Sunday in the FAI Junior Cup. #1town #2clubs #footballfriends #roadtothe Aviva”


And finally….!

A routine police patrol was parked outside a bar in the Outback. After last call, the officer noticed a man leaving the bar so apparently intoxicated that he could barely walk. The man stumbled around the parking lot for a few minutes, with the officer quietly observing. After what seemed an eternity, in which he tried his keys on five different vehicles, the man managed to find his car and fall into it.
He sat there for a few minutes as a number of other patrons left the bar and drove off. Finally he started the car, switched the wipers on and off; it was a fine, dry summer night, flicked the indicators on and off a couple of times, honked the horn and then switched on the lights. He moved the vehicle forward a few inches, reversed a little, and then remained still for a few more minutes as some more of the other patrons’ vehicles left. At last, when his was the only car left in the parking lot, he pulled out and drove slowly down the road.
The police officer, having waited patiently all this time, now started up his patrol car, put on the flashing lights, and promptly pulled the man over and administered a breathalyzer test. To his amazement, the breathalyzer indicated no evidence that the man had consumed any alcohol at all! Dumbfounded, the officer said, “I’ll have to ask you to accompany me to the police station. This breathalyzer equipment must be broken.”
“I doubt it,” declared the man with pride. “Tonight I’m the designated decoy.


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