Cancer fighting food course

Harmony Farm, Corrigeenroe, Boyle are holding a one-day course on Saturday 20th February on a diet that can help fight and prevent cancer.

“We will discuss the foods you should avoid (and why), but mostly we will show foods you should eat, sample these during the day and you will prepare some!”

A special session will be dedicated to gut health (where up to 80% of our immunity is hosted).

“We will bake health-promoting bread and make immune-boosting and cancer-fighting spice mixes and show how easy it is to prepare kefir (probiotic, fermented milk). We’ll create super juice with the slow-juicer.”

“Growing your own food can be a part of this journey, alternately we’ll suggest where to source suitable quality ingredients.”

The course combines theory and hands-on cooking and includes a farm visit to look at a food production system which can promote health.

Recipes and menu plans will be provided – this type of diet is easy, delicious and fun!


(pic Harmony Farm Smallholding)

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