Career and subject advice from Siobhan Gallagher Coaching

“Congratulations to the Leaving Certificate students of 2020 and best wishes to all who are awaiting CAO offers over the coming days and/or planning for their next phase of life” says Siobhan Gallagher Career and Life Coach.

“However, we all know that choosing the right career and maximising your potential is about more than passing examinations, it is about identifying your strengths, skills and interests, and working with them”, according to Siobhan.

“Through psychometric questionnaires, students can gain a deeper understanding of their personality and strengths leaving them in a better position to make informed decisions on subjects and career choices. Through career coaching, suitable occupations, courses and subjects can be narrowed down”.

“Coaching can be of benefit to Transition Year or Leaving Certificate Cycle students who may need support in best understanding”:

  • Their strengths
  • Leaving Cert subjects to choose
  • Options after secondary school and CAO choices
  • Potential career options

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