Concern at ‘walkers causing havoc’ at Caves of Keash

Concerns have been raised at ‘a small number of walkers creating havoc for other walkers’ at the popular Caves of Keash.

A recent post on Keash Enhancement Facebook page states: “A small number of walkers are creating havoc for other walkers by ignoring danger signs on the path/walk; children out of control; walkers not coming down off the hill the way they went up (not using marked path); etc. If this goes on landowners will have to close it down. Please note the land is active grazing, so no dogs, too”.

The Caves of Keash are a local tourist attraction, located approx 15 minutes from Boyle on the Ballymote road that have been growing in popularity of late.

The Caves also known as the Keash Caves or the caves of Keshcorran, are a series of limestone caves located on the west side of Keshcorran Hill (part of the Bricklieve Mountains) and consist of sixteen simple chambers, some interconnecting.

The caves have been used by man over several millennia, and it has long been suggested that they were the site of ancient religious practice or gathering such as Lughnasadh.

Excavations carried out in the early 20th century discovered significant animal remains. Among others, these included bones of brown bear, arctic lemming, Irish elk and grey wolf.

(Image via Caves of Keash Facebook page)

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