Appeal to fund Cloontykilla Castle

An appeal is continuing through fundraising website “Gofundme” to complete work on Cloontykilla Castle in Knockvicar outside Boyle.

Writing on the website, Sean Simon says “although I own them (Mc Dermotts Castle and Cloontykilla Castle) I see myself as their caretaker”.

Sean says that even donating $1 will help as “Every $1 will put another brick in the wall”

Sean continues ” Come on you Irish Americans!! I know your wonderful ways, please donate so I can continue preserving Irish heritagae. Lets go viral with this. They (the Castles) had been abandoned and neglected, ruined and ruins. They deserve better, When we destroy our natural world we destroy ourselves, and when we destroy our heritage.  We rush to build bigger, higher, and hi-tech. We need to stop, and run our hands over weathered stones, and mossy paths, peer through grainy windows and reflect on the people and events that came before us.

If we do not value our past, I wonder how we can either value or protect our futures?

My struggle with the banks is not unique to me. The actions of the Irish banks, begger belief and it’s not for me to make further comment. I do not wish to dwell on the castrophe of the bank and the inexplicable failure to honour my funding contracts. I want to focus on 2015 and positive steps to complete the build.

The first is to go public and crowd fund to put in sustainable solar power, a grey water and rain water system, an eco garden and what will be sustainable glamping to continue funding the preservation of both castles. No-one likes to do these types of appeals, I suspect. It is a bit like running through the streets with no clothes on, when you bare you finances to the world. But the castles are worth it, for generations to come and enjoy and marvel,

I’m hoping to raise through this Gofundme, in a ratio of 3 for 10 of every euro ( dollar)  what is needed for the final push.  $3 raised out of the $10 I need through this crowd funding.

Hope that makes sense?

Read on if you wish!!!

Sean  xxxx

To date €531 has been raised for the project on “Gofundme” with the last donation of €5 being made on January 3rd 2015.




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