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Welcome to “Gardening Tips and Advice” on Boyletoday.com, the official Ardcarne Garden Centre gardening column. Every Wednesday, the experts in your local Ardcarne Garden Centre will provide relevant and topical items of interest exclusively here on Boyletoday.com to help you get the best from your garden.

Job of the week:

Plug any gaps in your border with a few trays of summer bedding. Although summer bedding plants are mostly used in pots and containers, it’s amazing how much they cheer up the garden. We’ve an amazing selection of types at the moment that are suitable for any garden and location.  Ask for our advice about the best ones to use.



Feed all plants in containers – especially summer bedding plants to promote a continuous show of flowers. Tomato feed is perfect and Baby Bio Outdoor Flower & Shrubs is also highly recommended.

Copiously water newly planted trees, shrubs and hedges in dry spells

Fruit & veg:

  •  Continue to side shoot tomatoes as they grow and feed the plants once a week once the flowers start to set into fruit.

  • Nip off any flowering shoots of rocket salad

  • Protect ripening strawberries with netting to prevent birds eating the fruit.


  •  Feed tomato plants once a week once the flowers start to set into fruit.

  • Damp down the floor regularly to keep temperatures down and discourage red spider mite

  • Continue to sow salad crops for a succession of pickings

Around the garden:

  • Edge the lawn to stop grass from growing into flower beds or over paths and patios

  • Watch out for aphids (greenfly) on the underside of beech and box leaves and control immediately, especially on a new beech hedge which hasn’t established fully.

Focus on …… Climbers

Wall to Wall Colour

Make the most of climbers in your garden with help from the experts at Ardcarne Garden Centre. Climbing plants can really add an extra dimension to a garden and provide unforgettable highlights right throughout the year. At the moment it’s almost impossible to miss the exuberant Clematis montana as it erupts into a mass of sugar pink flowers. Later on in the summer the deliciously fragrant honeysuckles and jasmine step into the spotlight and who can fail to be impressed with Virginia creeper in autumn as it puts on its crimson cloak? Even in deepest winter there are climbers such as ivies and winter jasmine that can bring a splash of much welcome colour to walls.


How to plant

If you fancy covering up some wall space in the garden, then there are some points to consider before choosing the plants. Ideally you should always plant climbers into the ground, rather than in pots. This is because permanent climbers need a lot of maintenance in pots and they will eventually become pot-bound, whatever the size of the container. Re-potting a climber that is already stuck onto a wall is not a job to relish!


Choosing the right climbers

The soil beside walls can often be poor so improve the soil before planting with plenty of compost or Westland Farmyard Manure. Now you’re ready for the exciting part – choosing the plants. Firstly, establish whether the wall or fence you have is sunny or shady as this will affect your choice. The selection of climbers for sunny walls is huge, but don’t worry if your wall is very dark as ivies (especially the brightly variegated types) and the climbing hydrangea will both thrive. Both of these climbers are also self-clinging, which means you don’t have to put up any trellis or wires. The Virginia creeper is also self-clinging and a good tip with these climbers is to cut them back by about half when planting as it encourages them to produce plenty of new shoots which cling easily to the wall.


Colourful choices

The clematis family is a great favourite with our customers here at Ardcarne Garden Centre and its colourful flowers can appear from early spring right until autumn, depending on variety. All the large-flowered clematis, such as ‘Nelly Moser’ and ‘Jackmanii’ are excellent on a sunny wall, but make sure their roots remain cool and moist during the summer. The late summer flowering Clematis viticella varieties have smaller flowers but these are produced in large numbers so the effect is fantastic. This group of clematis is very easy to grow and also prune – just cut all the stems down to nearly ground level in late spring.


Fragrant climbers

Scented climbers are always popular and that’s hardly surprising if you can enjoy wafts of their delicious perfume right beside a doorway. Honeysuckles, jasmine, wisteria and of course many climbing roses will all bring plenty of scent to your vertical spaces. For something a little unusual you could also plant the Star Jasmine, correctly known as the tongue-twisting Trachelospermum jasminoides. Its neat evergreen leaves become covered in sprays of white jasmine-like flowers in summer which are drenched in the most exotic fragrance.

Even if you don’t have plenty of walls to cover with climbers, you can always put up an arch or pergola for them to scramble over. Whatever kind of vertical space you have you’ll find an excellent range of climbers to choose from at Ardcarne Garden Centre.

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