Greatmeadow water concerns

Deputy Frank Feighan has raised concerns as to shortage of water for residents in Greatmeadow area of Boyle with Irish Water.  Residents were concerned  water supply to the area was switched off at night leaving them with a poor slow supply of water in the morning.  Deputy Feighan has received the following response from Irish Water.

” In relation to your recent representation on behalf of residents in the Greatmeadow part of Boyle.
The water in this area has not been switched off at night. The water is supplied to the area through a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) which has been used to reduce water pressure and hence conserve water during periods of least demand. The PRV serving Great Meadows area was by-passed yesterday, therefore all of Boyle Town will be back to maximum pressure on a 24 hour basis until further notice. 
It is anticipated that there is a leak in this area and a leak detection crew is currently on site attempting to locate the Leak. This leak is possibly leaving Residents in this area without water. Once the Leak has been located and repaired, the PRV will be balanced again and a decision to turn it on again or to leave it off will be made. 
It is not the policy of Irish Water to leave anybody without water and Irish Water apologies for any inconvenience caused”.

Deputy Feighan assures all residents residing in this area that he will continue to pursue the matter with Irish Water until residents have a proper water supply.

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