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New guide on Roscommon life

A new and informative guide to living and working in Roscommon has just been published by

It follows an online survey to which there was an overwhelming response.

As a result two guides are now live which are accessable by clicking on the title:  ‘Inside Guide to Living in Roscommon’ and ‘Top 10 Things To Do in Roscommon’ .

In their introduction, Lookwest state:

“Despite being landlocked, the picturesque county of Roscommon is home to an extraordinary offering of lakes and water-based sports activities. Traditional craft and heritage, sports and agriculture all play an important part in the story of the proud Rossies, as well as a cultural legacy from a long line of esteemed artists, actors and literary icons. From Chris O’Dowd’s hit TV series Moone Boy to the historic houses, boutique and artisan food shops and cafes, Roscommon’s independent flair paired with competitive property prices and close proximity to major cities make it a perfect destination to live, work or chill out in.”


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