New Boyle Workhouse website

Dear Editor,

I have spent the last few months working on

It is a website showcasing my 3d world virtual fly-over of Boyle Workhouse.

The 3D World is an ongoing project and the movie will be replaced every couple of weeks as the 3D model Workhouse is developing.

I had an interest in workhouses for a few years and Barry Feelys work inspired me to embark on this project. I contributed some photo work to Barrys workhouse book like the front cover image.

Marie Paul has also endorsed my work as has Barry Feely, who is using clips of the movie in his talks now. And he is collaborating with me on my 3d virtual work.

I live on workhouse land and have a photo of my grandfather outside the front of it from 1922. My grandmother was born and raised opposite it.

I have studied original Architectural Drawings and exiting aerial photographs of the workhouse. I have visited and photographed, measured and documented many workhouses across Ireland in my research. I have studied old ordnance survey maps and even older maps of the site. I own original poor-law reports from between 1835 and 1842. and other original documents pertaining to Boyle Union Workhouse. I hope to display these items in a future museum?

I hope to produce some work for the Boyle Arts festival and may well do something with Barry.

I think it is time now to get this website out there so people can become familiar with the images, movies and location etc of the old Boyle Workhouse. At the moment it is still just an idea in peoples minds – because there is no more of it standing, People are aware it stood on the Plunkett Home site but I know exactly what it looked like in every detail and a feel this work of mine will really bring to life what the Workhouse in Boyle actually looked like and that my work and Barry’s work will educate the people of Boyle and the rest of Ireland like no other town in Ireland.

I hope somehow you can help me get this bit of Boyle history out there in whatever way you can.

Please do visit the site and look through it.

Many thanks in advance,

Dave Derby

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