Five year population increase in Boyle

Figures released by the Central Statistics Office from Census 2016 show the population of Boyle has increased by 20 since 2011.

According to Census 2016, the population of Boyle was 2588.

In 2011, it was 2568.

There were also 82 more females than males in the town in 2016

The figures also show the population density per square kilometer in Boyle in 2016 was 679.

This is low when you look at the population density for a town like Bray in Co. Wicklow which stands at 4035 per square kilometer.

Of the 64,226 people living in County Roscommon, Census 2016 shows that 28,834 were born in the county, 25,124 were born elsewhere in Ireland while 10,268 were born outside Ireland.

Sligo was the county with the biggest change in the rate of urbanisation, increasing from 37% to 40% over the five years.

You can view the figures here


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