Reminder issued to patients attending Sligo Hospital

Management at Sligo University Hospital are reminding the public that patients attending outpatient appointments at the hospital need to enter the hospital via the temporary main entrance which is currently located on the Mall side of the hospital.

Commenting Grainne McCann Hospital Manager said, “As many of our patients will be aware, a number of weeks ago we moved the main entrance to the hospital to the entrance on the Mall side of the hospital. This is to allow us safely manage patients attending the hospital while we are also managing patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. While there is a car park near the Outpatient Department entrance, it is important that the public are aware that if this is full, they may have to walk a further distance from the main car park. For patients using the public bus service to come to the hospital, there is a designated stop on the Mall where patients can disembark.

“It is important that patients arrive to their appointment on time and avoid coming early to their appointment. Patients who arrive more than 10 minutes early will be asked to remain in their car until just before their appointment time so we can ensure the numbers of patients waiting at any one time is kept to a minimum. It is also important that patients attend their appointment on their own, again to minimise the number of people waiting. If patients require assistance from a family member or carer for health or mobility reasons they should be accompanied by one person only. Patients may wish to bring masks with them to wear while attending the hospital.

“We really appreciate the co-operation we have received from the public over the course of the last number of weeks. We know what some of these changes may be inconvenient for patients or their families, but our primary concern is ensuring that patients can receive their care in a safe environment and that staff can provide that care safely.”

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