‘Mna na Buille’ meeting today

Úna Bhán Tourism is conducting a project called Mná na Buille, a celebration of the culture and creativity of the women from the community of Boyle, especially those born prior to 1940.

The project will capture their stories and experiences through different times and situations, often funny, often sad, but all amazing.

Stories that reflect growing up in the local community, going to school, the chores they had to do, how they socialised, met their partners and how their lives led them through marriage and rearing families.

Stories lost if not recorded and passed to future generations reflecting their strength and endurance during different times, bringing rural and urban experiences and bridging different classes together.

The project will reflect and respect specific identities in a positive way to also include women with Dementia and those that may now find their homes in care and nursing homes.

You are welcome to come along to Boyle Family Resource Centre (Family Life Centre) today Wednesday 19th September at 10am to 12noon for an informal get together with tea and refreshments.

If this does not suit and you are still interested in being involved or telling your stories, please call Anna in Úna Bhán Tourism on 071 966 3033. Úna Bhán Tourism “Mna na Buille” is supported by the Creative Ireland Programme, an all-of-Government five-year initiative, from 2017 to 2022, which places creativity at the centre of public policy. Further information from creative and

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