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Taoiseach confronted in Roscommon

A war of words has developed following water protestors venting their anger at water charges when An Taoiseach Enda Kenny visited Regan’s Bar in Roscommon town on Friday night.

Media reports say the protestors “stormed the pub and demanded he (An Taoiseach) leave.”

It also said the protestors “showered” Mr Kenny with “expletive laden abuse”.

But on social media on Sunday the protestors said

“Lies! We didn’t storm the pub – around 8 of us were inside having a chat and a drink when the mini fascist leader stormed in looking for handshakes, instead he got a peaceful, loud protest with such hits as “you can stick your water meters… up your arse” and “Enda are you for f**king real” & “You Will NOT Privatise Irish Water”


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