The Boyle’d Pot

The Boyle’d Pot 20/3/’20

A new order of life that has evolved

It is unimaginable how our lives have changed in the last week or so. Indeed it is unimaginable how our lives changed in the 24 hours that followed last Thursday’s announcement. After news broke of the implementation of a range of measures to combat Covid-19, people started to make changes to protect their business. 24 hours later, the well intentioned measures became ineffective, with many having to shut their doors a few days later and as of now, nearly every business in Boyle, with a few exceptions, are temporarily closed. It is really unbelievable.
Here in Boyle we fought for years to get people to visit our town. Now we are doing the opposite and fighting hard to keep them out! It is so unnatural and unreal. But we have, and are, making the sacrifices requested of us to keep ourselves, families and friends safe and being a relatively small community, the sacrifices and adhering to the rules will hopefully see us through this crisis.
A new order of life has evolved and while it is hard to get accustomed to, there will be some good out of all this. Families, who may never have spent much time together will get to do so over the next few weeks. Parents who have been busy working hard will get a chance to stop and take a look at their lives and make positive changes, to perhaps focus on the good aspects of their what they do daily and to look at these tough times as an opportunity to learn, grow and improve their situation.
While our daily lives are becoming different, we need to see this time as a chance to ‘take stock’ now that the hustle and bustle of modern life has slowed down. Coming out stronger from this time of reflection and change, we can be ready and refreshed for the new life that awaits us when we exit this stage of Covid-19 and when businesses reopen and life gets back to the a new way of living that will be the order of the days and months ahead.


When a mass gathering means something different

When will we get back to some form of normality? No one seems to know the answer to this but it will not be March 27th as a few believe. Amazingly, there are people who think this is a two week crisis with certain people calling online for a ‘big party on Friday 27th when this is over”! Another comment that was seen online locally in recent days was the misunderstanding that ‘no mass gatherings’ referred to people not being allowed attend Mass!


Call to conserve water

Irish Water is asking the public, both householders and businesses to help them in maintaining vital water and wastewater services by conserving water where possible during the crisis. In particular, they are asking non-domestic customers to turn off all non-essential water in buildings which are not going to be in use for a period of time, including, for example, the automatic flushing of urinals, which is something most business owners would not have thought about. The company also say, conscious that there may be an increased usage of antiseptic wipes at this time, that these are disposed of in a bin as the flushing of wipes can cause blockages on the network.


Catching people when they are at an all time low

Just when people’s moral is at an all time low and worry at an all time high, up pops the Go Safe van on Military Road on Wednesday morning last detecting motorists exceeding the 50 kph speed limit. Many would have been unaware that the N61 from Boyle Golf Club through Greatmeadow to Boyle Abbey and vice versa is now included in the new safety camera zones announced in February. Indeed motorists may not be aware they were caught speeding on Wednesday, that is until the fine (and points) come through the post in the next few days. While people should never exceed the speed limit, a fine, at a time when one has perhaps lost their job and are finding it hard to make ends meet, or are worrying about their health and future, can be most annoying.


And finally…..!

The business was not doing very well so the board, feeling it was time for a shakeup, hired a new CEO. The new boss was determined to rid the company of all slackers.
On a tour of the facilities, the CEO noticed a man leaning against a wall.. The room was full of workers and he wanted to let them know that he meant business.
He asked the man, “How much money do you make a week?”
A little surprised, the man looked at him and said, “I make €400 a week. Why?”
The CEO said, “Wait right here.” He walked back to his office, came back in two minutes, and handed the man €1,600 in cash and said, “Here’s four weeks’ pay. Now GET OUT and don’t come back!”
Feeling pretty good about himself, the CEO looked around the room and asked, “Does anyone want to tell me what that idle oaf did here?”
There was silence for a moment, then from across the room a voice said, “He’s a pizza delivery guy from Domino’s.”


And finally…finally…!

Two guys were lying in their hospital beds waiting to go to theatre. One asked the other: “What are you in for?”
He answered: ” an endoscopy”
“What’s that?” the first one asked.
“They put a tube down your throat into your stomach to check for ulcers and cancer. What are you in for?”
“A camera up my backside.”
“Ah! That’s a colonoscopy” said the first guy.
“No” said the other, “My wife caught me taking pictures of our next door neighbour sunbathing in the nude.”

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