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The Boyle’d Pot 23/8/’19

Remembering the Battle of the Curlews

Once again an important date in the local historical calendar has gone unnoticed. August 15th 2019 marked the 420th anniversary of the Battle of the Curlews. On that fateful day in 1599,  hundreds of soldiers perished on the Curlew Mountain Pass in a major battle during the seventh year of the Nine Years War. While it is understood there was once a field marker on the spot where the battle took place, this is no longer visible or has been taken away. The Battle of the Curlews is very much part of our history and deserves remembrance. Perhaps a few interested locals could get together and erect some form of small memorial on the site before the 421st anniversary?


High demand for beds in Sligo Hospital

Sligo University Hospital – the hospital frequented by many Boyle patients is once again in the headlines due to the large number of people seeking admission. According the the INMO Trolley Watch, there were 30 people awaiting beds at the facility last Monday, making it one of the worst affected by the trolley crisis in the country. The INMO Trolley Watch counts the number of patients who have been admitted to acute hospitals, but who are waiting for a free bed. These patients are often being treated on trolleys in corridors, but they may also be on chairs, in waiting rooms, or simply wherever there’s space. The situation was so bad in Sligo that it is reported that the hospital has asked GP’s to be mindful of the pressure on beds when contemplating referrals.


Canal opening is a positive step

The main story here on this morning is yet another positive one for the town of Boyle and surrounding area. Work is soon to commence on reopening the canal system in Lough Key Forest Park, initially for canoe access. A spokesperson for Waterways Ireland has told this website that the work will commence around Drummonds Island but it is hoped locally that this will be extended to the canal at the rear of the Bog Gardens. And with plans to provide a canoe dock at the Royal in Boyle once that work commences, Boyle, with all it’s waterways and future plans could become a welcoming destination for canoeing holidays.


Mixed reaction to new Garda Operating Model

There was mixed reaction to yesterday’s ‘New Operating Model for An Garda Siochana’ that was announced by Commissioner Drew Harris. Under the new model, the current Roscommon/ Longford Garda Division will join Mayo to create the Mayo & Roscommon/Longford Garda Division. Locally many are questioning why Roscommon/ Longford was not included with Sligo/Leitrim – a division that would have more suitable linkage with the county and indeed with Boyle.
It would also have been great if the operating model had looked at the geographical area covered by local Garda Stations. Here in Boyle we have the ridiculous situation whereby Boyle Gardai, who operate out of a Garda Station that is not open 24 hours per day, have to cover as far as Tarmonbarry – which is only ten minutes from Longford but 45 minutes from Boyle!
One part of the model that has been welcomed is the planned increase in Community Policing teams across the country. With the majority of Gardai not living anymore in the towns in which they are based, the local people do not have an opportunity to get to know the local Gardai and build the two way trust that is such a vital tool in helping to fight crime. Additional community Gardai are one way of addressing this problem.


And finally….!

Two Irishman are at the job centre looking for work one day.
The job centre official asks them, “So what are you trained in?”
Murphy says, “Well I make women’s knickers on a sewing machine and Paddy here is a diesel fitter.”
“Okay,” says the official, “I can get work for you at €7 an hour and work for Paddy at €12 an hour.”
“How come he earns more than me?” asks Murphy indignantly.
The official replies, “Because a diesel fitter is a skilled job whereas a sewing machine operator isn’t.”
“What are ya talking about?” says Murphy, “It’s me that does all the hard, skilled work making the knickers. He just sits there when I’m done, holds them up and says ‘Yep, diesel fitter’”

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