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The Boyle’d Pot 26/03/’21

Graffiti on N4 flyover described as ‘sickening’

Over last weekend, received numerous phone calls and messages informing us of graffiti on the N4 flyover at the Wooden Bridge. The graffiti was not a bit of small minded vandalism. This was serious stuff, derogatory to females and homophobic in nature, with those who made contact with finding it quiet offensive and some describing it as ‘sickening’. Such was the level of wording and images on the bridge that it took those responsible some time and thought to undertake the crime. took a decision not to publish a photograph of the graffiti as this would most likely be playing right into the hands of the perpetrator(s). Instead we contacted a local elected representative who immediately contacted Roscommon Co Co who removed the graffiti within the day. We also notified An Garda Siochana who are understood to be investigating the matter. If you witnessed anyone acting suspiciously at the flyover at the Wooden Bridge last weekend or have any information in relation to this, please contact Boyle Gardai (071 9664620) so we can stamp out this form of vandalism once and for all.


Lidl seek planning for new store

Lidl in Carrick on Shannon is frequented by many from Boyle, with the store in fact located within County Roscommon. Local customers of the German retailer may be interested to know that the company has recently lodged a planning application for the demolition of the existing discount foodstore; Construction of a replacement, two storey, discount foodstore (including an off-licence sales area); Use of the existing vehicle entrance for customers and new entrance for service vehicles at the west side of the site; 124 parking spaces including an extension of the current car parking area; 2 dedicated electric vehicle parking spaces and cycle parking for 10 bicycles; Trolley bay area next to entrance of store; ESB substation building; Photovoltaic (PC) panels on the roof; New boundary treatments; All new signage on the replacement store; All associated site development works including landscaping; Drainage including attenuation system; External mechanical plant abutting the service yard and, other associated and ancillary works. A decision is due by Roscommon County Council on April 11th.


Smart Boyle could become a reality sooner rather than later

The Boyle Town Team/Roscommon Co Co ‘Boyle 2040’ plan has been the catalyst for obtaining high levels of grant aid for the town, and is currently referred to by Government and local authorities nationwide as the model plan for towns of a similar size who are planning long term redevelopment. One section of Boyle 2040 deals with ‘Smart Town’ which is something that is gaining momentum in other progressive towns around the country, most likely led by the Covid crisis. Smart Town’s use information and communication technology (ICT) to improve the quality of life of it’s residents. Ideas can include publicly displayed digital information on town parking spaces and upcoming events, greater use of apps locally, virtual walking tours of the town, live bike rental via an app, greater use of the internet by Boyle businesses and a novel one that was suggested recently – having solar powered phone charging points in new seating proposed for parts of the town centre and Pleasure Ground. ‘Smart Boyle’ will hopefully take a step forward as the redevelopment of the town is allowed proceed when restrictions ease.


Where are the Covid increases in the Boyle L.E.A.?

Unfortunately our Covid numbers in the Boyle L.E.A. are going the wrong way as can be seen from a story on our home page this morning. This is very frustrating for those of us who are adhering to the rules and doing the best we can. Boyle is getting a bad name as a Covid hotspot and it most likely is not justified. Every time we mention the Boyle L.E.A. on this website, we outline the size of the area and that it is not just Boyle town per se, as some in the national media seem to think. Apart from the party goers – young and not so young, most in Boyle seem to be adhering to the rules, so is it the case that there are clusters in the greater Boyle L.E.A. (ie other towns) that have nothing to do with Boyle itself and for which we are wrongfully having the finger pointed at us here?


Longing for the return of the road sweeper

One vehicle that will be welcomed back with open arms in Boyle town centre, when level 5 restrictions are eased, is the road sweeper. With the local authority personnel only working on essential maintenance, the road sweeper does not seem to be classed under that heading and as a result, the streets of Boyle are in a deplorable state. There is grit and debris in the parking areas of some streets since the torrential downpour on Friday February 19th. Those businesses who have remained open have done their best to keep outside their premises in shape but there are more closed than open, so sweeping with a brush is a wasted exercise.


Summer time is coming!

Summer time officially begins on Sunday morning March 28th at 1am. Don’t forget to put your clocks forward by one hour at this time. The old saying “Spring forward Fall back” is a good way to remember which way to change your clock in winter and summer. The clocks will change back to ‘winter time’ on Sunday November 7th 2021.


And finally….!

An old lady walked into a pet store, found a parrot and asked the owner if she could buy it.
The owner said, “Ah no! That parrot has a bad mouth! Trust me – you do not want that parrot!”
She said, “That’s no problem. I can teach it good manners.”
But, when she got home the parrot let a few F’s out of it, so she put it in the freezer for 10 seconds.
She took it out and said, “Did you learn your lesson?”
It said another bad word so she put it back in for 30 seconds.
She took it out and asked if it learned its lesson yet.
The parrot said “Jeepers it’s freezing in there..… Yes I learned my lesson, but, can you tell me, what the hell did the chicken do?”

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