The Boyle’d Pot

The Boyle’d Pot 3/9/’21

The hidden danger at a Boyle junction

One of Boyle’s most dangerous junctions in town has to be at Wynne’s Corner, where cars coming from Main Street have to stop before crossing the road to head out St. Patrick Street. But the danger does not always come from crossing the road. The danger can often come from the cars travelling behind you on Main Street, who do not see the stationary vehicle in front as one waits to see if the road is clear before crossing the junction. Distracted by shops and people walking about, motorists look left and right and do not see the vehicles stopped at the junction and have to swerve at the last minute to avoid a collision. Motorists coming in Main Street are asked to please be mindful of cars stopped at this junction and to pay attention to their surroundings.


Another exciting development planned for the area

A decision is due next week (September 12th) from Roscommon Co Co on an exciting development that is planned for Arigna and will be yet another attraction for the area. Arigna Energy Valley Co. Ltd. has sought permission for an ‘All Inclusive Discovery Park’ at Derreenavoggy Td. and Carrownanalt Td., in Arigna. The development would see the construction an all inclusive discovery park to include: 1) Accessible viewing platform; 2) Sensory garden; 3) Reflection area; 4) Inclusive activity park; 5) Biodiversity and energy trail, together with disability car parking and all associated site works.


Bringing Boyle monuments back to life

Some of our most famous ancient monuments, and we have many around Boyle, are featured in a recent Roscommon County Council commissioned set of digital conjectural reconstruction drawings. The drawings bring the monuments back to life by giving a glimpse into a moment in time when they were in use and indicate what a place may have actually looked like, based on the best available academic research and archaeological knowledge. Locally, Mc Dermot’s Castle features in a number of the drawings as does the Battle of the Curlews. You can view the drawings here


Commercial vacancy rates continue to decline

A news story published here on yesterday (Thursday) was most encouraging. It showed that the commercial vacancy rate in the town has dropped by 2.2% year on year – one of the highest drops in all of Connacht. It’s not that long ago since Boyle was showing one of the highest vacancy rates in all of Connacht but the hard work of so many and the vision on ‘Boyle 2040’ is now paying off. One only has to look around the town to see the number of vacant premises being snapped up with work having commenced on some and exciting plans in the pipeline for others and with work on the Royal Building and Pleasure Grounds continuing and the Bridge Street/Shop Street public realm and rear of Main Street enhancement work due to commence shortly, the future of the town looks, literally, a lot brighter.


Boyle’s Flash Flood Of 1996 Recalled

With the US getting hit with record rainfall from Storm Ida this week, it brings back memories of the Flash Flood of ’96 here in Boyle.  A hot summer day on Sunday July 28th 1996 saw the marching band competition in full swing bringing many people to the town. Later in the evening (4.30pm) as visitors began to leave the town, the skies opened and in the space of an hour and a half, 83.6mm of rain fell on the town itself while the outskirts of Boyle stayed dry. Water cascaded in the front door of the then Royal Hotel and out the back while at the bottom of Church View some kids swam in a flood that wasn’t there 90 minutes previously. The railway line in Boyle station were quickly submerged under water and Boyle and Carrick Fire Brigade were called into action. It transpired later that the little used County Emergency Plan was close to implementation such was the devastation caused by the rain. It was suggested at the time by the older members of the community that a flash flood like this only happens every 80 years or so. If that is the case most of us won’t have to worry about the next one – or has all that changed now with global warming………..


Helping Boyle students in the accommodation battle

Over the next few days and weeks many students will commence preparation for third level education. Getting accepted to college is now only half the battle – getting accommodation, especially in Dublin seems to be the hardest part of the equation. Unless you get accepted for on campus accommodation, many landlords do not want to lease to students and if they are lucky enough to get somewhere, price will most likely make the apartment or house a non runner. In Boyle, it would be beneficial if landlords from the town with properties in Galway, Dublin or other student centres gave first preference to those from their home town. There is a good chance they would know the student’s parents so the property would be kept in order and no bad debts would be run up. In addition, you would be assisting other Boyle families in a time of need. If you have a property in any of the student centres, please let us know here on and we will gladly let the public know.


An opportune thought for the week 

“Spending your time putting people down does not make you a powerful and strong person. It makes you a bully, a coward and eventually alone in life” – Tess Calomino


And finally….!

Irishman Mike Murphy and his pregnant wife live on a farm in the distant rural regions.
No running water, no electricity, etc.
One night, Mikes’ wife goes into labour. The local doctor is there in attendance.
“What d’ya want me to do, Doctor?”
“Hold the lantern, Mikey.
Here it comes!” says the doctor as he delivers the child and holds it up for the proud father to see.
“Mike, you’re the proud father of a fine strapping boy.”
“Thanks be to Go…..”
Before Mike can finish the Doctor interrupts, “Wait a minute. Hold the lantern, Mikey.”
Soon the doctor delivers the next child.
“You’ve a full set now, Mikey. A beautiful baby daughter.”
“Thanks be to…”
Again the Doctor cuts in, “Hold the lantern, Mikey, Hold the lantern!”
Soon the Doctor delivers a third child.
The doctor holds up the baby for Mike’s inspection.
“Doctor,” asks Mike, “Do you think would it ever be the light that’s attracting them?

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