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‘The Future of Gaelic Games’ at Boyle Arts Festival

On Monday, 22nd July at 8pm in St Joseph’s Hall, Boyle Arts Festival will host an evening of lively panel discussion and deep insight into the future of Gaelic games.

With Kevin Egan, the acclaimed sports broadcaster at the helm, a session filled with engaging commentary and dynamic exchanges lies ahead.

The experienced panel includes:
* Emer Ryan, the incisive sports editor bringing her sharp analysis on the games’ narratives.
* Joe Brolly, the Gaelic football analyst with insider tales from the field.
* Dr. Paul Rouse, the historian providing a scholarly look into the games’ past and future prospects.

This is your chance to dive into the crossroads of sports, culture, and society with experts who live and breathe Gaelic games.

Emer Ryan, a respected sports editor and writer, provides a unique viewpoint on the narrative and evolution of Gaelic games within the media landscape. Emer’s sharp analysis and deep-seated passion for Gaelic sports offer a captivating look into the stories that shape these games.

Joe Brolly, an acclaimed Irish Gaelic football analyst, offers an insider’s view of the game. Joe’s extensive experience, both on and off the field, brings a critical perspective on the evolution of Gaelic football and its role in Irish culture and identity.

Dr. Paul Rouse, a historian and academic lecturer specialising in the GAA’s rich history, rounds out our panel with his profound insights into the historical context and future prospects of Gaelic games. His scholarly approach sheds light on how past trends might inform the future direction of these sports.

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with thought leaders in the field and deepen your understanding of Gaelic Games as they navigate through a changing society.

Tickets can be purchased here

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