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The thrill of the world’s biggest water fight

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Imagine thousands of people taking to the streets of Boyle with canon sized water guns. Imagine DJ Richie and DJ Stan banging out tunes from the Crescent with smoke machines, laser lights and the loudest base you’ve ever heard……..

Picture beauty contests taking place on Main Street and the residents of St. Patrick Street standing outside their houses with pressure hoses aiming right in the windows of passing cars………

Picture truckloads of teenagers doing rounds of the town with barrels of ice-cold water, soaking everyone they pass by…….

Imagine all streets in Boyle lined with makeshift stalls selling water guns and sunscreen. Picture our local cafes, restaurants and pubs selling hot foods and cool beers from outside their premises………. 

Picture the scenes of happiness, hear the laughter, and feel the atmosphere of positivity and playfulness……….

Sounds like fun, right? 

Thai New Year

This happens in Thailand every year and we were lucky enough to experience it all in 2015 & 2017. It is known as the Songkran Festival and it takes place around mid April.  

Although the Thais adopted the international New Year’s Day in 1940, Songkran is a longstanding event of the Buddhist calendar and is the Thai New Year’s national holiday. 

It is associated with the sun moving from Pisces into Aries in the zodiac. 

A ‘Blastastic’ Bonanza 

Thai culture is an amazing blend of opulent decadence laden with rigorous rituals and traditions yet, a fiery explosion of colour and spicy sensations. This festival embodies the diversity of this fascinating country. 

To be enjoyed by both the young and old with a parade of lavish processions, a variety of performances and tantalising street food, this festival is unique, unforgettable and so entertaining! 


Togetherness and unity are major principals of this holiday. That’s why you’ll see huge traffic jams as everyone flees out of the main cities to spend the time with friends and family. You can see and hear about the contrasts of rural and urban, traditional and commercial. 

Out in the villages they host all kinds of games from climbing up bamboo shoots to sack races. If you’re lucky enough to spend the holiday with a local, you will gain an interesting insight to the community celebrations. 

The most important symbol of this festival is water. This vital life source in all religions is the font of great power and a pure, holy cleanse. 

As much as being the main feature of the water fight, water is quintessential for washing away sins and to start the year afresh. In the temples water is purified and mixed with a substance called Mong Leya lotion and flowers giving it a pleasant, fragrant aroma. 

People then line up to pour some over monks and the elderly. It lends to their peaceful temperaments and this holiday demonstrates how much the Thai people value their religion and respect their ceremonies. 

The Biggest Waterfight in the World 

It might take a while for everyone in Boyle to take to the streets with water guns and power hoses so Thailand is the place to visit if you want to experience the biggest water flight in the world! 

Having enjoyed two Songkran festivals in Chaing Mai, we can confirm that capturing the extraordinary spirit of this memorable, magical festival should be on everyone’s bucket list! 

Check out our video for a glimpse of the fun that we had; 


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