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‘Is it hard working, travelling together? You must kill one another!’

Welcome again to the highly popular bi monthly blog here on Boyletoday.com from ‘Next Stop Who Knows’.

The blog is written by Boyle natives Carlo Cretaro and Florence Murphy who left their homes in Boyle 7 years ago to travel the world and start an online business. They visit some weird and wonderful places and write about their experiences on their blog over at www.nextstopwhoknows.com. Specialising in web design and lead generation for local businesses, you can read more about their services at www.nextstopmarketing.com


We often get asked questions about travelling as a couple. 

“Don’t you ever get sick of one another?”

“Do you argue all the time?”

“Is it hard working, travelling and living together? You must kill one another!”

And, let’s just say that, after travelling to 72 countries together over the past 15 years, all are valid questions!

From scrapbook moments that included touring Australia in a mini van for three weeks to the not so glamorous moments that included sleeping in a fully functioning brothel in Paraguay, we’ve had some pretty incredible – and sometimes uncomfortable – experiences as a duo!

On that note; here’s our take on what it’s really like to travel as a couple;

You Will Make Memories that Will Last a Lifetime 

Let’s start with the good/soppy! The single best thing about travelling with your significant other is getting to share beautiful, unforgettable moments that last a lifetime. 

Watching a spectacular sunset, sleeping in the desert, hiking a mountain, swimming in the sea – all can be more enjoyable when you have your someone special by your side.  

There’s nowhere to hide

Social media always gives us the ‘best bits’ so it’s important not to get sucked in by the picture perfect instagram shots. Things can go wrong and getting out of your comfort zone in front of the one you love is all part and parcel of the experience when travelling as part of a duo. 

Whether it’s going to a pharmacy in a foreign country and being forced to play charades just to get some medication to ease your bout of diarrhoea or sleeping in a hotel room where the toilet is actually beside the bed, be prepared to find yourself in all kinds of embarrassing situations.

And we know because we’ve done both of the above!

Prepare to Argue

Petty arguing is normal when you live, work, eat, drink, sleep, socialise and travel with the same person for months on end. 

“Why didn’t you get us priority check-in?”

“You should have booked the seats so we can sit together.”

“Will you stop shouting when you’re on the phone. Everyone in the café can hear you.”

“Breakfast isn’t included in the price we paid. Are you joking?”

“We had pizza last night. Can we please eat something else on this holiday?”

“I can’t go left now. It’s too God damn late!”

We’ve all been there, right?!

It’s Sometimes Hard to make Friends

A quintessential part of travelling is befriending fellow adventurers, hanging out with locals and tagging onto all kinds of social scenes. Solo travellers are forced to make a big effort to get involved but it can be harder to make as big of an effort when traveling as part of a couple. 

I guess the reason is that it’s easy to become comfortable in one another’s company – so comfortable that making an effort to spark up conversations and get to know others can sometimes feel like a bit of a chore.

Also, the majority of people find it easier to approach a solo traveller or a group of guys or girls and say, “hey, what are you guys doing tonight – fancy grabbing some dinner?”

It’s nice to have your someone special, but it’s important to get out there and make that effort to form new relationships and create lasting memories with other people that you meet when travelling.

And there you have it; it’s not always sunshine, rainbows and romantic walks on the beach – travelling for long periods of time with a partner can be hard work and a little demanding at times! 

That said; number one on this list outshines all the others and makes it all worthwhile. Whether it’s walking in Lough Key Forest Park on a sunny day, taking a 14 hour train journey in a far flung country or going on the road trip of a lifetime, getting to share it with someone else is a privilege that should never be taken for granted. 

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