Further letters on roaming dogs

A recent article in the Boyle’d Pot blog on this website in relation to dog’s being allowed to roam freely in Lough Key Forest Park has resulted in considerable comment from viewers. Below are two of the many letters and calls we have received on the issue:

Dear Editor

On reading the recent letter to the Editor on dogs allowed to roam as they like in the park I am amazed at the owner of the dog who bit the walker not once but twice.

As a dog owner myself, I would never leave my home without my dog on his lead and a bag so I can bin any droppings.

I hope the person that was bitten reported this to the Gardai.

Also there are clear signs in the park that state you must keep your dog on its leash and a list of dog breeds that are banned (to my knowledge) and that it is a crime not to have your dog on a lead and not pick up after them.

I hope most sincerely that the powers that be take action so people can enjoy the park and its many walks etc …..without the fear of meeting an unleashed strange dog that may or may not attack them

Yours sincerely

Very annoyed member of the public and responsible dog owner


Dear Editor

I wish to congratulate you on the article in the Boyle’d Pot of 3/6/16, in which you rightly highlight the plague of dogs of all sizes and breeds running freely throughout Lough Key Forest Park.

I myself was the victim of one such dog in the Park about three weeks ago, in which I got bitten twice on the leg as I walked around Drummans Island.  I was even more annoyed by the arrogance and attitude of the owner, who just didn’t want to know and calmly walked away and ignored my agony and protestations.

I dread to think what the outcome would have been, had I being a child or elderly person.

I subsequently reported the incident to a member of staff in the Visitor Centre (in the absence of the Manager), but to date, have not received any reply.

In my opinion, both Roscommon Moylurg and Coillte have a shared responsibility of a duty of care to its customers, and should immediately take steps to significantly address this problem.

People should be able to enjoy the natural beauty and splendour of this beautiful Park, without being at the receiving end of unscrupulous and irresponsible dog owners.

Finally I hope that articles like yours on Boyle and peoples general use of Social Media, can bring pressure to bare on those who can put this right.

Many Thanks

(Name and address with Editor)

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