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‘We’ll never take travel for granted again’

Welcome to the highly popular bi monthly blog here on Boyletoday.com from ‘Next Stop Who Knows’.

The blog is written by Boyle natives Carlo Cretaro and Florence Murphy who left their homes in Boyle 7 years ago to travel the world and start an online business. They visit some weird and wonderful places and write about their experiences on their blog over at www.nextstopwhoknows.com. Specialising in web design and lead generation for local businesses, you can read more about their services at www.nextstopmarketing.com


Travel is so much more than its dictionary definition ‘to go from one place to another.’  Us humans are inquisitive by nature and the need to see the world has been a part of us since the beginning of time. 

Bold emperors conquered lands far and wide, building, creating and leaving behind their legacies. Pirates and explorers sailed to terrains unknown to seize great treasures. Artists and architects sought divine inspiration in the ever-changing continents. 

Then arrived the trains, planes and cars, the enormous cruise liners and dream liners. Tourism was born and you could get to the other side of the world in a day or two rather than months. 

The opportunity to travel was opened up to everyone. With the arrival of the Internet, budget airlines and cheap hotel rooms, it felt like the map of the Earth was almost folding upon itself, bringing the furthest corners close together.

Stopped in Our Tracks

We now find ourselves caught up a pandemic with travel coming to a halt. We’re all in lockdown and our new reality means that we can’t go beyond 5kms from our homes unless it’s for essential food or medical supplies.  

Most countries have imposed strict travel bans and many airlines have stopped flying into countries that are considered high risk. 

All major tourist attractions are closed until further notice. Airports, which are normally buzzing with excitement, are more or less abandoned. 

It’s in this tragic time that has caused so many of us to question – have we been taking travel for granted? I think we are all guilty to some degree. 

Travel as a Given in the Twenty First Century 

We travel for lots of different reasons: 

  • Leisure
  • Relaxation 
  • To explore different cultures, traditions, ways of life
  • Culinary interest
  • Artistic inspiration 
  • To visit family and friends
  • Self-discovery
  • A retreat/ escape
  • To admire nature/ different landscapes
  • Volunteering/ charitable works

The above list makes us realise all the incredible gifts that travel gives to us. 

We have had such freedom up until this point and now it has been cruelly taken from us. Perhaps, all along we have been travelling simply because we can, knowing all the rich benefits it brings but without truly appreciating how lucky we are to jump on a plane and explore another country. 

Take the Time to Plan and Appreciate

So, it’s time for some introspective reflection.

It’s time to remember all of our extraordinary travels so far and cherish the memories we’ve been able to make up until now. Not just the amazing sites and experiences whilst in a different place but also the little things.  

Waking up in the dead of the night to get to the airport and consequently, buying cups of tasteless overpriced but much needed coffee (or a cheeky preholiday pint!). Stepping off the plane to feel that first blast of heat. Wheeling out luggage or slinging on a backpack outside of an unfamiliar airport, ready to start the next adventure. 

We believe that we have all been guilty of taking travel for granted at times. That we haven’t always realised how special it is or how lucky we were to have the opportunities we had. 

With the uncertainty that lies ahead, let’s use this time wisely and reflect on our past trips. 

Let’s print pictures and put collages together of our favourite travel highlights. Let’s plan future travels.

Let’s clip out and save images of golden, exotic beaches, bustling cities and picturesque mountains knowing we’ll be able to get out there again. Let’s dream big and visualise our next adventure. 

Let’s learn to love our world for all its messiness as well as its beauty and be thankful that we’re alive and we’ll be ready to jet off to the sun again sometime soon. 

Let’s remember that we should never take travel for granted ever again.

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