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What your councillor earned

According to a report in a national newspaper today, the four councillors in the Boyle Electoral area earned a total of €227,043  for 2012 and 2013.

The report states that John Cummins was the highest paid councillor earning €39,748 in 2012 and €28,973 in 2013.

The list is as follows:

 2012              2013

Cummins, John (FF)                            €39,748         €28,973

Doherty, Rachel (FF)                           €26,838          €26,722

Garvey Gerry (FG)                               €25,763          €25,828

Keenan, Ernie (FG)                               €26,651          €26,521


Councillors are paid an annual salary of €16,565 and can claim expenses from the local authority for attending meetings, conferences and training courses.

The highest paid Councillor in Roscommon in 2012 and 2013 was Tom Crosby who according to the report received a total of €98,845

The report also states that when Town Councils are abolished a councillor with 20 years service on a small town council can expect to receive €7,276 while those with similar service on a county council are in line for a €50,398 payment.

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