Fears child predator in Carrick area

Gardai in Carrick-on-Shannon are alleged to have been informed that a French child predator could be in the general area.

Frenchman Philippe Gandus, who was convicted of trying to abduct a three-year-old child, flew in from Cologne in Germany on June 29th.

The warning was issued because of his conviction and Gardaí were notified of his arrival into the country by German police.

At Dublin Airport, Gandus was questioned about the reason for his visit. His suitcase was also searched and officers were alarmed to find that as well as clothes, it contained children’s toys.

Gardaí fear that the Frenchman, who is on the sex offenders list in the UK, still poses a risk to children, and yesterday warned parents to be on the lookout for him.

However, they are powerless to deport the 46-year-old – who previously fled a mental hospital – as he has no outstanding warrants internationally or convictions in Ireland.

Gandus, who is 5ft 7in tall, has a criminal conviction in the UK for attempting to lure a child away from his parents.



Philippe Gandus arrived in Dublin Airport from Cologne last week and was stopped by Gardai who were notified of his arrival into the country by German police.

His suitcase was searched and was found to be full of children’s toys.

Gandus is on the sex offenders’ list in the UK.

A major garda alert was issued nationwide.

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