Yoga Shack autumn schedule

Boyle Yoga Shack recommences today Monday 3rd September.

Timetable Below:

Monday/Tuesday 3rd & 4th September:

Yoga with Mags 086 8360111

Monday 6.30 pm: Level 2 Mixed Intermediate, 8pm Level 1 Mixed Improvers

Tuesday 10am Gentle Yoga, 6.30pm Mixed Complete Beginners, 8pm Level 1 Mixed Improvers

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday 29th & 30th August:

Yoga with Christine 0872251138

Wednesday 6.15pm Pregnancy, 7.45pm Gentle Tone, Stretch, Relax Yoga,

Thursday 6.15pm Beginners Mixed, 7.45pm Level 1/2 Mixed Improvers/Intermediate


10am Level 1/2 Lough Key Moylurg Room

From Wednesday 29th August Somatics with Jane 0864001990

Wednesday 9.45am Somatics, 5pm Somatics




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