Annoyance at volume of litter left in Lough Key Forest Park

Concern has been expressed at the volume of rubbish left in Lough Key Forest Park following what appeared to be a busy Sunday.

Early morning walkers in the Park on Monday would have noticed the rubbish before park personnel arrived to perform a clean up.

A viewer contacted on Monday morning advising of the situation saying: “Why do people leave their rubbish behind them following a day in the sunshine in a public park? I was out for my early morning walk in Rockingham on Monday and could not believe my eyes. The rubbish bins were overflowing after what was a busy Sunday and when the bins got full, it would seem people just flung their pizza boxes, used barbecues and beer and wine bottles in a heap beside the overflowing bins. Not alone that, but they also left their bottles and boxes on the grass in front of the lake. Surely people should bring their rubbish home with them if the bins are full“, the viewer suggested.

When visited the Park shortly after 8.30am to take the attached photographs, Park personnel were busy cleaning up after the weekend but bottles and cans were strewn over a wide area.


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