Boyle Calvary Church gathering

Boyle Calvary Church will host their regular Wednesday evening gatherings of fellowship, learning, and prayer tonight Wednesday October 23rd.

All are welcome to attend on the night and refreshments will be served.

The evening commences at 7.30pm in the Spool Factory and everyone is welcome.

For more information, call Andrew: 0871857854

Boyle Calvary Church are a group of ordinary people whose lives have been changed by the extraordinary message of Jesus. We meet together regularly to listen to what the Bible has to say, because we believe what God has to say changes lives. We are simply Christians, not Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, or a cult. We are part of Calvary Mission, an Irish-Christian organisation unaffiliated with any specific church, which has been spreading the good news of Jesus throughout the west of Ireland since the turn of the century. 

We would love to give you the opportunity to get to know Jesus for yourself. We find that many in Ireland know ABOUT God, but don’t really know Him for themselves. Through the Bible, you have that opportunity to start a relationship with the Creator of the universe. 

Perhaps you have questions about God, the meaning of life, suffering, or a multitude of other things. Why not join us to see what the Bible says about these issues? 

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