Camera Club hold ‘Street Photography Workshop’

On a recent Saturday the people of Boyle may have noticed a few folk walking around and snapping shots with their camera at every opportunity and some also being asked to pose for photographs. Boyle Camera Club were on a Street Photography Workshop facilitated by Kevin Lim. The club would like to thank you, the community, for your patience and willingness to participate.

The workshop was run by street photographer Kevin Lim, who has had work published in local, national and international papers and magazines across the globe. He very generously shared his knowledge and passion of Street Photography to members and guests of Boyle Camera Club.

Boyle Camera Club was one of the first clubs in Ireland to open their doors to ALL cameras, DSLRs to phone camera’s. Welcoming all levels of photographer, from beginner to advance with the policy “the only right Camera is the camera in your hand’. Members meet on the second Tuesday of every month at St Joseph’s Resource Center and cover a wide range of topics with both invited guest speakers and members.

Boyle Camera Club can be contacted through FB at Boyle Camera Club or by Email: [email protected]

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