Camera operation and lighting workshop in Boyle

Creative Heartlands are running a one day Camera Operation & Lighting Practical Workshop on Thursday, 27th October in The Spool Factory in Boyle.

Gain professional level camera and lighting skills through ‘hands-on’ practical training with Lighting Cameraman/Cinematographer Mike Hourigan.

This workshop is aimed at both beginner/new entrants as well as individuals with prior intermediate level camera and lighting knowledge.

Workshop topics covered:

Camera & Audio:

• Getting to grips with the camera (Sony A7, Fs5 & Fx9) – Best practice

• Understanding Exposure, ISO, Gain

• Learn how Exposure affects the background Focus (Depth of Field)

• Understanding color temperature and find the correct White Balance

• Camera Placement and height level

• Framing the shot

• Audio Essentials for Filmmaking, Understanding Audio levels


• Extensive Hands-on Lighting practice

• Understanding 3-Point Lighting

• Choosing the best background

• How to create a Professional set-up

• Using Stands, Dimmers, gels using soft box with Egg Crates and Grids

• How to Light the Perfect Interview

• Dealing with Windows and Mixed lighting

• Using LED lights with Color Temperature Control

Reserve your place via Eventbrite here

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