Celtic’s new 50/50 weekly draw

Boyle Celtic FC are delighted to announce their new “50/50 Weekly Draw”, commencing Friday 19th October. The first draw will take place in Mattimoes Bar at 10.30pm and subsequent draws at other venues around the town.

Every week, the total money collected is split 50/50 between the winner and the club. The draw will be broadcast live on Facebook from the venue of the night. Tickets are €2 each or 3 for €5.
Just put your name and number on the front of the envelope.

They are on sale throughout the town and available from our club officials also. If buying 3 for €5, just place 2 envelopes and the €5 into a 3rd envelope and seal it.

The club are hoping to undertake the next phases of its development, with upgrades to facilities at the club, a top priority, due to the increased number of underage, girls and boys teams. Boyle Celtic are catering for over 700 children now and we must keep moving forward with our facilities and equipment to give each child the best opportunity to enjoy their time playing soccer and develop as both an individual and as a valued member of their team.

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