Communication & Wellness for Autistic Adults group

A new group for autistic adults over the age of 18 is to set up in Boyle with the first meet up this evening Thursday 12th.

‘Communication & Wellness for Autistic Adults’ is a group for any autistic adult over the age of 18. Self-identifying adults are also welcome, including those who have a formal diagnosis.

Topics covered through the weeks (in no specific order) :

*Modes of communication that work best for you and others
*Communication and self-discovery and self-expression
*Language for self-awareness of emotional states
*Communicating at times of transition in life
*Assertive communication versus aggressive/passive communication styles
*Narrating your identity

The group will meet in the Spool Factory Office Suites and Rooms from 6.15pm to 7.15pm on the following dates:

Thursday October 12th, Thursday October 26th, Thursday November 9th, Thursday November 23rd, Thursday November 30th, Thursday December 7th.

You can register by emailing [email protected].

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