Deferral of face to face appointments at Sligo Hospital

Face to Face outpatient appointments at Sligo University Hospital are being deferred for the next two weeks. The hospital is now holding virtual outpatient clinics with some exceptions.

Patients who previously received a letter confirming an outpatient appointment are asked not to attend the appointment unless they get a call from the hospital confirming that the appointment is going ahead.

Patients who receive a confirmation phone call are asked to please attend the hospital at the appointed time.

Patients who develop any symptoms of COVID-19 prior to their appointment (cough, temperature, shortness of breath, loss or change to their sense of smell or taste) or who have been advised to
self-isolate should not attend their appointment.

Radiology Department

The Radiology Department at the hospital will contact all patients whose xray or scan is being postponed.

The team at Sligo University Hospital would like to thank members of the public for their ongoing support.

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