Exhibition open in King House


Roscommon Arts Centre and Roscommon County Council are delighted to present an installation by Spanish artist Vanessa Donoso López titled Painful Excess of Pleasure as the inaugural “Offsite Exhibition” in the Long Gallery of King House, Boyle.

Her intricately executed installation will transform the Long Gallery space using curios type objects and organic forms created out of paper. The immense architecture of the Long Gallery will lend itself to containing and protecting th…ese delicate objects. The gallery will host a large greenhouse structure, which like so many of Donoso López pieces, acts as a container and a laboratory in which plants can alter and grow. This space invites the audience to walk in and around the objects within, traversing elements of the artist’s “inner psychic reality” and “external reality” and her past and present.

The provisionality of the structure and the imperfect domestic objects talk of the balance between being settled and being uprooted. Vanessa Donoso López‘s work is committed to exploring concepts of transitional phenomena allied to contemporary life, with its cross-cultural identity and narratives, its mutability and intricacy, and its potential for the loss of identity, language, and compatibility with original cultures.

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