Garda numbers in Boyle raised at Joint Policing meeting

Roscommon Joint Policing Committee is to send a letter to the Garda Commissioner requesting additional Gardai and Garda Vehicles be allocated to County Roscommon.

The decision to issue the letter arose following a discussion at last Monday’s Joint Policing Committee (JPC) meeting, when JPC members from Boyle (Councillor John Cummins and Brian Nerney – Public Participation Network representative) highlighted the need for additional Gardai and vehicles for Boyle and all of County Roscommon and proposed and seconded the sending of the letter.

Both spoke of the welcomed increase in patrols in Boyle during December and suggested that this should continue throughout the year, conscious of the reduced number of Gardai now attached to Boyle station.

Superintendent John Fitzgerald suggested that while Garda numbers in County Roscommon were not the lowest per head of population, management were constantly trying to increase numbers in the county.

The proposal was then made to write to the Garda Commissioner as outlined above in the hope that it would assist local Gard management in their efforts to increase numbers and vehicles.


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