Statement on mental health centres

Following the revelation yesterday that HSE internal meeting minutes indicated that three mental health centres are to close in the county, again contacted the HSE to get a clearer picture on the position with the Boyle centres.

The following questions were put to the HSE Communications Department:

1. Why did the HSE deny in a statement on October 7th that reports of closures of mental health centres were untrue when it has now been proven it was in fact correct.

2. Can you please confirm or deny that Willow Grove and Renbrack centres in Boyle are set for closure whither now or in the future.

In response, a reply statement was received Monday evening as follows:

The mental health team is currently exploring re-configuring existing day centres to provide enhanced and individualised programmes to these service users. If it is identified that day centres are no longer required, staff will be redeployed to strengthen other day centres with the aim of providing more comprehensive recovery programmes and to assertive our outreach teams.
Furthermore, we welcome the forthcoming report on mental health services in Roscommon which was commissioned by the HSE National Director of Mental Health and we anticipate that the report will outline overall recommendations on improving mental health services in this area.

A further query then issued from

“To clear up the confusion, can the HSE state if the two mental health facilities in Boyle namely Willow Grove and Renbrack are due to close in the future or at any stage?”

The final reply from the HSE to the above question was as follows:

“The mental health team is exploring re-configuring existing day centres throughout Roscommon with the aim of providing enhanced and individualised programmes to service users. The review would include Willow Grove and Renbrack”.

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