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Lidl get planning in Castlerea

Roscommon County Council has granted permission with seven conditions to Lidl Ireland GmbH for the construction of a new discount foodstore with ancillary off-licence sales on an overall site measuring 1.15 hectares at Williamstown Road, Castlerea.

The proposed development comprises (1) The demolition of existing single storey discount foodstore with ancillary off-licence sales, with a total gross floor space of 1,794 sq.m. and a net retail sales area of 1,286 sq.m.

(2) The construction of a two-storey mono-pitch licensed discount foodstore (on the extended site of 1.15 ha) with ancillary off-licence sales, with a total gross floor space of 2,834 sq.m. and a net sales area of 1,685 sq.m

(3) Redevelopment and reconfiguration of existing carpark to provide 125 no. parking spaces (and 14 No. bicycle parking spaces)

(4) The proposed development is to be accessed via existing vehicular access on the Williamstown Road, also maintaining the existing pedestrian access on Arm Road with additional pedestrian access adjacent the Williamstown/Arm road junction, and will be serviced via existing infrastructure connections

(5) Provision of associated free standing and building mounted signage, free standing trolley bay and enclosure, refrigeration and air conditioning plant and equipment, hard and soft landscaping, boundary treatments and all other associated and ancillary works above and below ground level.

Two submissions were made on the application by David Greene, Arm, Castlerea and Sean Flynn, Chairman Arm/Williamstown Road Residents Association.

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