Local link to ‘The Night of January 16th’

Fresh from an appearance in last weekend’s production of ‘The Addams family’ by Boyle Musical Society, local man Brendan Reid is preparing for ‘The Night of January 16th’ which will be staged in the Hawks Well Theatre later this month.

The Night of January 16th is a courtroom murder trial drama set in New York, this is a gripping play about the death of a ruthless tycoon, head of a vast financial empire. To his secretary he is a hero to be served with mind and body. To his young wife he is a man to be tamed. Why should such a man end up dead on the pavement below his penthouse. His secretary is charged with his murder. But is she guilty? This, a jury must decide, a jury made up of 12 members from the audience. You could be a juror!

“The Night of January 16th” is a tension packed engrossing drama written by Russian American Ayn Rand and this Everyman production is directed by Manus Shields.

It will be staged in the Hawks Well Theatre from Thursday November 29th to Saturday December 1st at 8pm nightly.

Tickets may be purchased here

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