Long wait times in Sligo Hospital Emergency Department

There were long wait times in Sligo Hospital’s ED on Monday with the public being asked to firstly contact their GP if their health problem is not urgent.

In a statement, the Saolta group who run the hospital said: “There is ongoing pressure on bed availability in the hospital and we regret that many patients are currently experiencing long waiting times to be admitted from the ED to an acute bed in the hospital,” the group said.

“We are committed to treating everyone who presents at our ED but we do so strictly in order of medical priority and apologise for the long wait times.”

“Sligo University Hospital regrets that due to high attendances and subsequent bed capacity issues, some elective procedures have been postponed”.

“In the event that an elective procedure needs to be postponed, the hospital contacts the patient directly to advise.”

“As part of the hospital’s Covid-19 measures, we ask that patients wait in the ED alone to help maintain social distancing. A companion will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances. This is to minimise the risk of infection and to keep everyone safe. We remind patients to please wear a face covering/mask when in the ED and to comply with any Covid-19 screening processes,” the statement concluded.

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