Crowds enjoy Boyle Summer Show

The early morning drizzle gave way to a bright and at times sunny Sunday afternoon for the Boyle Horse and Summer Show.

Crowds were well up on previous year’s with the dog show proving a great attraction.

Pony jumping and a host of side shows entertained the large attendance who were appreciative of the hard work that went into organising the Show.

Dog Show Results

Any Variety Puppy: 1st Angela East, 2nd Emma North Row, 3rd Jane Garvin

Best Retriever or Labrador: 1st Aoibhe Morahan, 2nd Celine Boyle

Best Spaniel: 1st Simon Archer, 2nd Felicity Beirne, 3rd Nance Hayden

Any Variety Toy Dog: 1st Chelsea Palmer, 2nd Martynas Klimes, 3rd Faye Drury

Any Variety Utility Dog: 1st Angela East, 2nd Joe Gurney, 3rd Jane Garvin

Best Jack Russell Terrier: 1st Aoife Sherlock, 2nd Lauren Finnegan, 3rd Aoife Sherlock

Any Variety Terrier (other than jack russell) 1st Christine Guckian, 2nd Sue Sutton, 3rd Poppy Gurney

Best Border or Rough Collie: 1st Courtney Conlon

Any Variety Guard Dog: 1st Ronan Kelly, 2nd Lauren Finnegan, 3rd Angela East and Paul King

Best Working Dog: 1st Christine Guckian, 2nd Janice McBride, 3rd Rebecca Cunnane

Any Variety Hound: 1st Emma North Row, 2nd Jenny Toal.

Any Variety Foreign Breed: 1st Emma North Row, 2nd Courtney Conlon, 3rd Angela East

Any Variety Mixed Breed: 1st Ron Bentley, 2nd Martin McQuaid, 3rd Jessica Wright

Best Groomed Dog: 1st Courtney Conlon, 2nd Jessica Wright, 3rd Emma North Row

Dog in Fancy Dress: 1st Ronan Kelly/J Gurney, 2nd Aoife Sherlock, 3rd Poppey Gurney

Ladies Handling of Dog; 1st Angel East, 2nd Sue Sutton, 3rd Janice McBride.

Gentleman Handling a Dog: 1st Faye Frury/Paul King

Children U16 Handling a Dog: 1st Rebecca Cunnane, 2nd Lauren finnegan, 3rd Aoife Morahan.

Any Variety of Dog (Boyle); 1st Jane Garvin, 2nd Chelsea Palmer, 3rd Jessica Wright

Dog the judge would like to take home: 1st Paul Connaughton, 2nd Poppy Gurney, 3rd Jessica Wright/Courtney Conlon

Champion, Reserve Champion and 3rd Place Dog in Show: 1st Christine Guckian, 2nd Emma North Row, 3rd Christine Guckian


(More results when to hand)

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