New GoSafe speed zones in Boyle

A number of new GoSafe speed detection locations will come into force in the Boyle area from this Friday.

Road side signs have been erected previously on the new routes with details announced last week of their locations.

In the general Boyle area, GoSafe vans will

* N4 between Grevisk and Ardconra

* Old Carrick road from Christ the King junction to Carrickmore

* N4 near Ballymote turnoff at Drumfin

* A stretch of the R361 Frenchpark road the Boyle side of the village

Marked GoSafe vans will operate in these areas, along with the existing location at Aughagrange, to detect speeding motorists.

Since 2010, An Garda Síochána has contracted a service provider ‘GoSafe’ to operate safety cameras on its behalf.

Safety cameras only operate on sections of road which have a history of collisions occurring where speed was a contributory factor.
‘GoSafe’ monitoring commenced operation on a phased basis in November 2010 and reached full operational capacity in March 2011. GoSafe are contracted to provide a minimum of 6000 hours speed enforcement per month as directed by An Garda Síochána. GoSafe are also set key performance indicators to ensure enforcement is targeted at key days and times – with a particular emphasis on night time and weekends.

Last weeks announcement will now see 1000 locations throughout Ireland covered by speed camera vans.

You can view the locations nationwide by clicking here

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