Psychic Medium clinic in Boyle

A Psychic Medium Healer is now available in Boyle for appointments.

The Medium works with Angel and Spirit energy to allow you to heal within.

If you are looking for guidance in life, confirmation that you are going in the right direction, then Spae Wytch Medium Healer Lucy can help.

“As a medium I get asked the same questions all the time. Are our loved ones ok? Do they see me now? What are they doing now? I can bridge that gap for you”

“Over the coming weeks I will be starting new classes for those who would like to learn how to protect their own energy in the day to day running of our hectic lives.”

“I will be adding workshops for anyone interested in developing their own skills.”

“There will also be a meditation/healing circle opening up in the near future”.

“I am available for one to one readings and healing”.

“Skype readings are also available for those who are not local”.

“I will attend at The Spool Factory in Boyle every Friday including today Friday March 9th”.

“For bookings or more information contact me, Lucy, at 0896038531”

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