Pollutants found in water schemes

Two water supply schemes in the greater Boyle area are among a number named in a recent EPA Remedial Action List as having elevated levels of trihalomethanes.

Trihalomethanes (THM) are environmental pollutants and are a potentially harmful by-product of the chlorination process .

The schemes listed include The North Roscommon Regional Water Scheme and the Grangemore Scheme.

The North Roscommon Regional Water Scheme serves 8,508 people.

The scheme is listed as having elevated levels of THM’s above the standard in the drinking water regulations.

An upgrade of the scheme’s water treatment plant is scheduled for completion in December 2017.

The Grangemore Scheme serves 1,572 people and it also has elevated levels of THM’s.

The proposed action for this scheme is the replacement of supply with the Boyle Ardcarne WTW which should be completed in December 2019.

The EPA updates and publishes the RAL on a quarterly basis.

87 supplies remain on the RAL at the end of July 2017 which collectively supply water to 736,416 consumers.

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