Public Consultation tonight

A Public Consultation meeting will take place in King House on Wednesday 4th February at 7pm.

The meeting is YOUR opportunity to participate in the development of the new Roscommon to form a new

• Local Economic and Community Plan for Roscommon.

• Local Community Development Committee and Roscommon LEADER Partnership’s joint bid to develop the 2014-2020 Local Development

Strategy for County Roscommon.

• County Roscommon Tourism Strategy (2014-2020)

A Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) has been established which will

be responsible for the planning and oversight of Local and Community Development

Programmes and the preparation of a Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP)

with the aim of promoting Economic and Community development in County Roscommon.

The Scope of the plan includes but is not limited to:

• Promoting and supporting the interests of local communities, creating and sustaining jobs.

• Facilitating people who are unemployed to participate in employment opportunities and to avail of support services.

• Actively promoting Social Inclusion.

• Supporting the capacity of local communities to improve their quality of life.

• Identifying local attributes that are essential to enhancing local economic performance.

• Supporting social enterprise, social capital, volunteering and active citizenship.

• Developing integrated and evidence based approaches to local service planning and delivery.

• Identifying opportunities for existing and prospective businesses to emerge and prosper.

• Identifying local strengths and opportunities, weaknesses and deficiencies relevant to economic performance.

• Exploiting and co-ordinating funding sources from the public, private and community & voluntary sectors.

• Promoting, supporting and facilitating community involvement in policy development.

• Actively promoting the economic development of the County including rural and urban areas

Roscommon Local Community Development Committee and Roscommon LEADER Partnership have agreed to jointly submit an expression of interest to the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government to develop the Local Development Strategy

This is an opportunity for all individuals, businesses and community groups in County Roscommon to express your views on any of the above or related matters. Having regard to the scope of the plan as outlined above we would like to hear from you.

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