Rapd Business Brain Booster event in Boyle

Are you looking for a fast and easy way to focus, stay positive, energised and keep your eyes on the ball with better concentration, memory and mental wellness?

If so, the upcoming ‘Rapid Business Brain Booster’ two hour training event in the Spool Factory in Boyle is ideal for you.

This evening event takes place on Thursday August 18th from 7pm until 9pm

Learn quick, easy and sure-fire ways to overcome self sabotage and negativity with simple activities that change your thinking, emotions, actions and even your self talk.

In this 2 hour interactive and engaging training event, you will learn 10 easy and quick activities that are done while sitting, that have a positive effect on your brain and body.

These activities give you control of your emotion, your racing mind and help you feel grounded, centred and focused like never before.

Padraig King, who will run the event, has been helping people across a wide range of businesses for more than 20 years to switch on their true potential and achieve results that they never dreamt possible.

Padraig King will facilitate you to start taking control of of your thoughts, emotions, actions and even choosing the right words to say, to make things go your way.

Find out more here and to book here

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