Boyle based company partners with Greek and Japanese studios

Boyle based animation company Studio Meala has partnered up with Greek studio Funny Tales and Japanese studio Cosmonaut to develop and co-produce ‘What The Fluffoverse’, a brand new animated series based on the artwork of Philipp Kaeser.

The series is a sci-fi comedy adventure that follows Neto, as he traverses the galaxy and tries to regain his lost memory. Along for the ride is a cast of unforgettable and diverse characters who will deliver exciting, action-packed adventures that are sure to endear the show to audiences worldwide. Studio Meala will be undertaking the animation production of the 10×22 series, which is aimed at the 8 to 12 demographic.

Studio Meala is an award-winning creative animation studio based in the Spool Factory in Boyle who produce original IP and specialises in hand-drawn 2D animation. Their recent work includes 2 episodes of the popular Disney Plus anthology, ‘Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire” as well as entering production on their first IP show, “Doodle Girl”, a 2D animated series commissioned by Irish State Broadcaster, RTÉ.

Funny Tales is an award-winning animation studio that specialises in 2D animation and pre-production, based in Greece. Funny Tales has already had its own original IP produced for Disney, while currently working on their second one. For the last five years, they have consistently established their presence in the animation industry, reaching new heights and sustaining international co-productions.

Cosmonaut are a creative collective co-founded by award-winning creative director Yuichi Miyashi, business expert in Japanese IT and the finance field, Hiroyuki Kamata, and amazing artist, Philipp Kaeser. International animation business consultant, Kanji Kazahaya, later joined the team.

With ‘What The Fluffoverse’, Philipp Kaeser has created a collection of fun, unique characters as well as outlandish worlds for them to explore.

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