Boyle gets ready to host ‘The Directors Lab’ conference

Boyle is the location for this June’s inaugural ‘Irish Animation Director’s Lab’ conference which will see established animation directors from Ireland and overseas attend both in person and online

The main event will take place in Frybrook House and will run from the 17th – 21st of June 2024.

The Directors Lab is a peer-to-peer learning event that brings experienced and upcoming animation directors together. The event is designed to inspire and inform the new wave of directing talent to find their unique storytelling voice and equip them with some of the skills they will need to develop their careers as directors.

Taking place over the course of 5 days at Frybrook House in Boyle, this event will offer a diverse programne comprising workshops, one-on-one mentoring sessions, and networking opportunities. Experienced animation directors will lead each workshop, outlining their creative methodologies and charting their professional progress, with a focus on their work-flows from pre-production through to production. The mentoring sessions offer direct access to experienced leaders in the animation industry. This will help participants to industry their individual creative process to advise and guide on improvement. Networking will give everyone a chance to meet others in the industry, and these connections can be invaluable as people move forward in their careers.

The Directors Lab was developed and designed by Stephen Fagan creative producer and managing director of award winning Boyle based Studio Meala and Damien Byrne from the National Film School at IADT.

A number of fringe events for attendees is also being organised around the town and area for the week.

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