The Boyle’d Pot

The Boyle’d Pot 14/10/’22

Archaeology project on Castle Island

For a number of years now, a project has been ongoing at McDermott’s Castle or Castle Island, as it is more commonly known, on Lough Key. Having commenced in 2019, “The Lough Key Archaeological Project” is a research project organized to advance the study of medieval Gaelic settlement in north Roscommon. Scholars and researchers from Saint Louis University, the University of Minnesota-Morris, the National University of Ireland-Galway, and Western Aerial Survey and Photography Services have collaborated on various components of this long term research project that aims to uncover the history and archaeological of the medieval McDermott lordship of Moylurg.
A number of artifacts that were found on the island during the excavations has now been archived and will soon be available online for the public to see. Categories such as date found, unique excavation name, analysis and tentative dating are currently being added to the soon to be launched website.  Some 3D models of the excavation will also be available to view. It is understood medieval pottery, silver pins, gaming pieces and brooches are among the items uncovered. Apart from the items found in the excavation, the project has also provided a wealth of information relating to this historical out crop, that dates back to pre 1100.


County Final fever is building

County Final fever is building around the town with a little over a week to go until Boyle take on Strokestown in Hyde Park. The last time Boyle were in a county final was 1927 when they beat Donamon. It is assumed many who were serving in the Military Barracks in the town were members of that team but there has been speculation locally that perhaps Henry Feely (father of Barry) and Luke Dempsey, who many in Boyle still remember, were part of the ’27 team.
For now, there are ten days of preparation ahead for the panel and management and they deserve all the support the town can give them. The simplest form of support is putting up your flag and banners and painting the town maroon and white but you can also support from anywhere in the world by making a donation to the team’s training fund here.


Local legal firm in Top 100 in Ireland

A recent survey completed by thousand’s of legal experts across Ireland named Boyle legal firm Callan Tansey as one of the best law firms in Ireland. The survey was carried out by Statista on behalf of Mediahuis. It included a peer-to-peer survey of solicitors working in law firms and a survey of business clients. Those surveyed were asked to nominate law firms in a range of different specialist areas of practice. Callan Tansey Solicitors was one of the few law firms outside Dublin to be named on this list. With offices in Sligo, Boyle, Ballina, Galway, Dublin and Limerick, Callan Tansey Solicitors attracts clients throughout the Northwest, West, Southwest and Midlands. .


A minor injury unit would be ideal in Boyle

During the week, the HSE launched their Winter Plan which sets out a €168m approach to dealing with the health of the nation this winter. Extra ED consultants are to be hired nationwide which will hopefully see ED’s like Sligo come under less pressure this winter. Many who have had to use Sligo ED will tell you of the ridiculous long wait times they have endured – sometimes up to 24 hours or more – in a tense and busy building, despite the best efforts of the over stretched, hard working staff in the hospital.
Enhancing the operating hours of Local Injury Units, like the one in Roscommon and “opening private capacity for minor injuries”, we are told “will also provide alternative pathways to ED, and reduce the number of attendances, streaming the right patient to the right location”. In this context, perhaps further utilisation could be made of the local Primary Care Centre in Boyle? A minor injury unit in Boyle Primary Care would be a great addition to the area considering Boyle’s location half way between Roscommon and Sligo and the large catchment around the town who travel to both locations when an injury takes place.


Another great idea from the team in Boyle FRC

Always to the forefront with innovation and new ideas, Boyle Family Resource Centre has this week come up with a novel and noteworthy initiative. If you have any unwanted or in good condition Halloween Costumes that you would like to pass on or swap, then bring them on down to Boyle FRC who are hosting a costume swap this October! Costumes can be dropped into the Centre between Monday October 17th and Thursday October 20th.
You can then browse and collect on Friday October 21st between 10am & 1pm and 2pm & 4pm, thus eliminating the cost of purchasing a Halloween costume for your children! You can contact the Centre on  071 9663000 for more information.


Why we (and others) love Boyle

A post yesterday on ‘Discover Boyle’ Facebook page gives a great example of why Boyle is known as a warm, friendly, helpful and caring town and why King House and Una Bhan Tourism (and Boyle) is blessed to have people like Tish and Anna  working there. The post, from the lead person with a tour group, read as follows:
So we found ourselves in Boyle this morning with the Abbey closed for the season, brought clients for coffee at the tea rooms at King House, which is also closed for the season.
Well a few phone calls later and staff down tools at home and come in to give a great tour.
Meanwhile a lady on tour with $100 bills couldn’t exchange them in the bank without an account, up pops Anna from the craft shop and brings our client back to the bank and uses her own account to exchange the money.
What an example all around of Irish hospitality and friendship in the Hidden Heartlands of Ireland.
Well done Boyle and it’s people.


Seeking relatives

We got a message overnight from a lady called Anne Maree Magennis as follows: Can any one who lives in Boyle give me any information on my Grandmother Marion Cooney she resided in Boyle with her family and then migrated to Australia I’d greatly appreciate it thanks


Website problems

Apologies to all our viewers for the non availability of earlier this morning. We are investigating all the circumstances of what occurred overnight that disabled the website.


And finally…!

Bernadette was a young, single, Catholic girl.
One morning Bernadette went to confession.
She went into the confessional box, knelt down and spoke quietly.
“Forgive me Father for I have sinned,” said Bernadette.
“Go ahead, my child, what is this sin of which you speak?” Father Murphy, the Parish priest responded.
“Father,” said Bernadette, “it’s a little embarrassing.”
“Just take your time, my child,” said Father Murphy to reassure her.
“Well,” said Bernadette, “last night I made love with my boyfriend, Father. I couldn’t help myself. I swear it was the first time, but he was so charming and he took me to heaven and back, Father. However I’m not married, so I know it was a sin. I’ve come here now seeking absolution.”
Father Murphy thought momentarily and then said, “My child, I want you to say ten Hail Marys before you leave the church and then go home, fill a glass with vinegar, add two teaspoons full of mustard, stare it up and then drink it all.”
“Yes, Father,” said Bernadette, a little confused. “And will that absolve me of this terrible sin?”
“No, my child,” Father Murphy responded, “but it will wipe the smile off your face!“

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