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The Boyle’d Pot 15/4/16

Crime figures justify local concern

The recent dramatic increase in crime figures in the area covered by Boyle Garda Station is very worrying. One year ago this month, when the reduced hours at the station were exclusively revealed by this website, there was uproar and concern at the effect the decision would have on the area. We were reassured by Garda authorities that nothing would really change. But alot has changed and the figures this week show that crime in the area has changed – for the worst. Those with a knowledge of policing said at the time that crime would increase locally as a result of reduced hours and Boyle losing it’s district status. Those same people have now been proven correct. The situation is certainly not the fault of the rank and file members in Boyle who are doing their job to the best of their ability in an organisation that we are told is at the lowest level of moral in the history of the force. Here in Boyle, we should be helping the local Gardai to get the hours restored and the manpower increased. A few from the town tried to do this back in February when election candidate Eddie Conroy and a number of concerned citizens undertook a petition campaign to have the original hours restored at Boyle Garda Station. Signatures were obtained and sent to Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald, but guess what – the petition was never even acknowledged. In light of this weeks shocking figures, Eddie once again contacted the Minister and our local TD’s on the matter. Thankfully this time he has got a response which will hopefully now see the concerns of a large volume of people listened to. In addition, those of you who have not written to the Superintendent in Castlerea to get Boyle Garda Station reopened, should do so as a matter or urgency as every piece of pressure will assist in the campaign.


While Boyle shoppers travel further east?

While shopping out of town is still frowned upon by many, we have to accept it is a fact of life. Numerous people from Boyle shop in Lidl in Carrick on Shannon, attracted by the offers advertised each week in the stores glossy magazine. Lidl is presently located in County Roscommon but that may not be the case for much longer if planning permission is granted to the company for a new store on the east side of the Leitrim town. Should permission be forthcoming, one wonders will Boyle shoppers make their journey across the Shannon, through the traffic, to a new Lidl store? For Lidl, the old Irish saying of “Far Away Hills are Greener” may not just be correct on this occasion and they may lose the Boyle shopper in any new move.


Sligo’s problem is Boyle’s problem

The current situation in Sligo hospital where the winter vomiting bug is causing the cancellation of procedures and services is of serious concern to many including the residents of Boyle. Sligo is the hospital frequented most by the people from this area. In the event of an emergency “casualty in Sligo” as it was known, is the place where many patients from Boyle are brought to. Day procedures, out patient clinics and general hospital appointments are all sought in Sligo, not to mention the number of people from Boyle who work in the hospital. Therefore any situation that causes disruption in the hospital on the scale of the current crisis is of concern to the town. To add to the problems, yesterday (Thursday) there were 30 people at one stage waiting on trolleys in the facility. All in all it is not a good time to be sick in the north west!


Best wishes to all receiving Confirmation on Sunday

Best wishes to all the young people from the area who will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation this Sunday. Confirmation day is a special day in any child’s life. Apart from the religious aspect, it is also a day when families come together and those who can not be there are remembered with fondness. But above all else, Confirmation is an important step in the christian life of a child. It is one of the seven sacraments through which catholics pass in the process of their religious upbringing. While it is hoped everyone has an enjoyable time this Sunday, one should not loose track of the religious side of this very important day.


And finally….!

A small local boy ran down the street in search of a Garda.
Eventually finding one, he begged: ‘Please come back to the bar with me. My dad is in a fight!’
The Garda accompanied him back to the bar where he found three men involved in a violent fist fight.
‘OK, son,’ said the Garda, ‘which one is your father?’
‘I don’t know,’ said the boy. ‘That’s what they’re fighting about!’

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